The Eucalyptus Toy Set (16-18m)


Fine and gross motor skills continue to build, and your toddler is refining grasp and hand-eye coordination. Providing opportunities for self-expression allows your little one to explore new materials and step into their imagination. This stage is also great for promoting social development, allowing bub to interact with other children and play together.

Each of our boxes includes a picture book, as research continues to confirm how critical it is for cognitive development; the rhythm, repetition, and rhyme of these books help lay down neural pathways needed for speaking and reading. This box’s picture book is the beautiful and captivating 'Let's Count Wildflowers' story by Tracey Gibbs.

Products include:

  • the epic 'Pound a Peg' toy, this toy has 6 pegs linked together, so when you  hit one, the opposite comes up, resulting in never ending fun!
  • a wooden Tamborine, studies have shown that exposing your baby to music, may help babies learn language faster.
  • a thread and lace shoe, great for developing hand-eye coordination and encouraging focus. 'Needle' for threading included.
  • 'Let's Count Wildflowers' by Tracy Gibbs, this board book is a gorgeous addition to any Australiana collection and a wonderful way to introduce little ones and their parents to the unique, biodiverse world around us.
  • beechwood shape stacker, this will definitely become a family favourite! Made from beautiful non-toxic hardwood. Perfect for developing fine motor skills and shape recognition. The shapes can also be used for tracing around on paper as a craft activity. 
  • our own written and designed  Creative Companion Cards  that walk you through this Age & Stage, What's In this Toy Set how each item is picked for your little one, and a play idea incorporating a toy from this set! 


 This set aids development in:



All items have been created sustainably, earth-conscious, and designed or made here in Australia. All items to be used with the supervision of an adult.

The Eucalyptus Toy Set (16-18m)
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