The Kangaroo Paw Toy Set (0-4m)


As a parent or carer, bonding with your newborn is the biggest priority. This toy set is all about creating a nurturing play environment for your newborn to thrive, with comforting soft textures, soothing sounds and engaging visuals

Create beautiful environments that stimulate the senses, use rich language in conversation and engage your baby through sound and touch. Watch their personality begin to emerge as they communicate through smiles and cooing, and move their hands, limbs and body with increasing purpose and coordination. 

Products in this toy set include: 

  • The beloved handmade Hikari Colour mobile, quality colour gel rectangles arranged in a beautiful combination and anchored by a handcrafted perspex coin. Hang this high up to catch rays of sunlight and a gentle breeze.
  • a leather strap handbell with an easy to grip wooden handle. To create rich and gentle sounds, encouraging hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.
  • the beloved 'mesmerised' high-contrast board book, propped up on a playmat it’s perfect for tummy time. Printed on sturdy sustainably sourced paper and vegetable-based inks.
  • a set of 21 high-contrast flashcards, each card is laminated and rounded safe and perfect for little children. These cards aim to strengthen your baby’s eyesight, focus and aid cognitive development.
  • a wooden handcrafted flashcard holder, made to live with you from the newborn stage for tummy time through to school-age kids.
  • a wooden comb and brush set, to bond with your baby and perfect for a little sibling's hand to brush the baby’s head. To encourage self-grooming at an older age.
  • gorgeous beechwood rattle, designed for petite hands to hold and shake, promoting gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination in your little one.
  • Our own written and designed Creative Companion Cards that walk you through this Age & Stage, What's In this Toy Set how each item is picked for your little one, and a play idea incorporating a toy from this set! 


This set aids development in:
All items have been created sustainably, earth-conscious, and designed or made here in Australia. All items to be used with the supervision of an adult.
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