The Waratah Toy Set (13-15m)


The start of toddler town. Oh me, oh my! Your little will be working on mastering a wide range of skills and activities. The toys in this set help to foster hands-on learning and further stimulate fine and gross motor skills, as they begin to increase in difficulty. 

This is a great stage to begin regularly rotating activities on the shelf, preparing a space that is suited to objects that bring your little one joy!

The timber ‘track-a-ball’ is a fantastic way to develop a baby’s ability to focus and track with their eye, which is a key skill to develop reading ability. For their first forays into craft, we’ve included the fabulous chunky petal crayons. Made here in Australia these non-toxic beeswax crayons are perfect for little fingers. 

Products include 

  • track-a-ball, colourful moving objects are always attractive! This Montessori-inspired track-a-ball encourages focus and eye-tracking. 
  • chunky petal crayons, made from Australian beeswax these crayons are perfect for little hands to grip. In six beautiful colours, the petals are great for drawing, colouring and imaginative play. You will receive a set of bold or pastel perfectly chosen.
  • ‘We All Sleep’, a book by acclaimed mother-and-son-team Sally Morgan and Ezekiel Kwaymullina. Taking readers on a journey through a day, celebrating the interconnectedness of people and animals in lyrical language and sumptuous colour.
  • a wooden Xylophone, its simple design allows children to explore melody and pitch, whilst improving fine motor skills and building hand-eye coordination.
  • a set of 6 Wheat Boats, bath time just got a whole lot cuter with these sweet little boat sets. Made from biodegradable wheat straw. 
  • our own written and designed  Creative Companion Cards  that walk you through this Age & Stage, What's In this Toy Set how each item is picked for your little one, and a play idea incorporating   a toy from this set! 


 This set aids development in: 


All items have been created sustainably, earth-conscious, and designed or made here in Australia. All items to be used with the supervision of an adult.

The Waratah Toy Set (13-15m)
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