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Hi! We’re Aerlie & Cathy

We’re the girls with high standards (just ask our husbands!) and our priority always comes back to quality; quality time with our littles, facilitated by quality toys that enrich our families.

When we first had children (we have three between us!) we started searching for toys that would be functional and beautiful. And search we did!

We wanted our kids to have sustainable, ethically made toys that grew with them. Toys that had various functions and were designed to last from one sibling to another.

Toys that they could drop and wouldn't crack, have a gnaw at (because we all know babies put everrrything in their mouths!) and wouldn't hurt them. Books that taught them about Australia, the beautiful country they're growing up in, and musical instruments that didn't make annoying sounds on repeat (holla!).
As educators we’ve seen first hand the toys that children always reach for. And as researchers we understand the right activities for each stage of development.

We’re passionate about partnering with Australian toy makers, and providing parents with a clever collection of the very best toys on the market.

And the subscription model means one less thing for you to think about; just as your baby starts to grow into a new stage, the perfect selection of developmentally appropriate toys will arrive on your doorstep to help your start that new stage.

We’re so excited about these toy sets and can’t wait to share them with you.

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