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Our Values

Educational Toys

There is extensive research behind each and every toy selected for our sets. We have incorporated philosophies of Montessori as well as Reggio Emilia and Waldorf to create a holistic learning experience that is developmentally appropriate for each age range.

The best toys provoke a sense of wonder. They spark curiosity. And they set up young minds for adventure. That’s our sets!

Australian Made

All the toys in our sets are sustainably and ethically designed and produced, by Australian companies. #shoplocalbaby!

We are dedicated to partnering with Australian toy makers to provide the highest quality products that can be thoroughly loved for many years.

With an emphasis on natural materials, our sets will help foster a grounding and nurturing play experience for your littles.

Bond With Your Baby

Children don’t need any help learning how to play. But as parents, sometimes we do!

Our versatile sets will absolutely entertain your baby, but they are also designed to nurture the child/parent relationship through creative play.

Each set comes with creative companion cards, featuring ideas to help your child engage with their toys. The possibilities are endless!


A Curated Collection

All the toys in our sets are designed to be enjoyed through the first few years of your child's life. We are all about rotating toys through the playroom, and if your child has younger or older siblings, they will love these toys too!

Our sets are full of clever, thoughtful pieces that can be repurposed again and again, and loved for years to come.

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