The Banksia Toy Set (5-8m)


As babies become more tactile, we want to offer interesting play options that they can really get stuck into, and enjoy the cause and effect of their actions, with clever designs that delight both parent and child. 

We’ve strategically included toys that will enthral your littles and keep them busy (maybe even long enough for you to finish your tea!) plus activities that you can explore together, like the felt finger puppets!

To help develop fine motor skills, this box features a rainmaker and egg shakers so babies can practice their gripping, flipping and rolling, while they make music for the whole house to enjoy! Building their muscles during tummy time for crawling later on. 

Products in this toy set include: 

  • wooden rainmaker, pleasing to the eye and ear your little will love this! The rainmaker is also great for encouraging your little one to roll and crawl.
  • a set of Egg shakers, great for promoting hand strength and musical interests. If you have purchased an earlier toy set from us, these toys will build a cohesive collection in your home.
  • a set of 5 Australian finger puppets, selected from a wide range of Australian animal finger puppets. These will help you entertain your little through stories and songs. 
  • montessori-inspired Egg cup, Ball and Cube set, babies  observe how the elements fit together and work through problem-solving. All while promoting gross motor skills.
  • a large crinkle-sound Soft Book, featuring exclusive hand-drawn designs made from certified organic non-dyed cotton. An easy tactile introduction to 'reading', kids learn to turn pages and if anything spills on it - throw it in the wash!
  • our own written and designed Creative Companion Cards that walk you through this Age & Stage, What's In this Toy Set how each item is picked for your little one, and a play idea incorporating a toy from this set! 

This set aids development in:


All items have been created sustainably, earth-conscious, and designed or made here in Australia. All items to be used with the supervision of an adult.

The Banksia Toy Set (5-8m)
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