The Wattle Toy Set (9-12m)


The little ones are sitting up and tuning in! This box offers open-ended toys that encourage creative play and help them learn about shapes and colour. They can use their newly discovered pincer grip on the handmade animal puzzle and toy car. 

Music is a foundational element of each of our boxes. Research reveals close connections between music and linguistic development; it sharpens auditory memory, enhances creativity, and even helps develop emotional intelligence. This box features a set of wooden maracas which creates a soothing musical sound.

Products include: 

  • a handcrafted wooden Australian Animals puzzle, made from natural hardwoods. Each shape is handcrafted from Oak, Blackwood and Grandis. All pieces are handmade in Australia built to last forever with a smooth and natural finish of non-toxic, natural, food-safe sealant.
  • a set of non-toxic wooden Maracas, wonderful for encouraging creativity, self-expression, development of fine motor skills. 
  • ‘I Love Me' a book by Indigenous creators Sally Morgan and Ambelin Kwaymullina, it  celebrates individuality and joyous self-esteem, in bouncy, rhythmic prose and riotous colour.
  • a delightful set of 8 stacking cups, it encourages motor skills as well as basic grasping and hand manipulation techniques that become the foundation for more complex tasks as your child grows. 
  • dinnerware bundle that includes a plate, bowl, and cup as they progress in their food journey. Made from bamboo safe and strong for all the throwing food on the ground that's about to happen!
  • a beautiful wooden car is made from 100% rubberwood. Perfect for little fingers to grip and drive around in their imaginative world. An heirloom piece to last from child to child for years. A car will be perfectly selected from our range of three designs to compliment your set. 
  • our own written and designed Creative Companion Cards that walk you through this Age & Stage, What's In this Toy Set how each item is picked for your little one, and a play idea incorporating a toy from this set! 


This toy set aids development in:
All items have been created sustainably, earth-conscious, and designed or made here in Australia. All items to be used with the supervision of an adult.
The Wattle Toy Set (9-12m)
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